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What is MSN?

            Basically, MSN is a related collection of internet services, Mobile Apps, Windows, Mobile devices and works as a web portal which is provided by Microsoft but we are going to discuss MSN Money… MSN was launched in 1995 on the same day when window 95 released.

The Microsoft Network was initially a dialed up online service provider which is based on subscription. After some time it became the internet services provider and named the MSN- Dial-up.


Successive Design:

After some time, Microsoft fully rewrite and redesign their site and launched it on September 30, 2014. In this new version of the Microsoft web portal, they launch and a new logo which is most likely to the current version of Microsoft Products.

Their website has no longer produce original content but employing editors to rewrite the existing content again from a trusted organization.

Most of the content was deleted as the website home page become more simplified and categorized into some corresponding apps which we discuss here.

  • MSN News:

    MSN synced with the latest News App where they published articles and News Headlines which came from the numerous handpicked sources.

  • MSN Weather:

    MSN synced with the Weather App where they published articles and content about the current situation of weather and also forecast the sudden disaster which is produced by the weather.

  • MSN Entertainment:

    It includes TV shows, Music, Movies, Celebs latest news, Gossips, theater show, and tickets. It also includes MSN Games where you can play online casual games.

  • MSN Sports:

    It covers Instant scoring, Headlines form all across the world leagues and standing, etc. It synced with MSN Sports.

  • MSN Money:

    It includes information about the stock market, real state, investment plan, personal finance, currency converter, and many more. It is synced with the MSN Money App.

  • MSN Lifestyle:

    It includes information about smart living, horoscopes, relationship, family, home and garden, features, headlines, and all kinds of content related to lifestyle and luxury life living.

  • MSN Health & Fitness:

    It provides information and tools about weight gain and weight loss, strength, nutrition, exercise, medical info, and many more articles related to health and fitness.

It also includes MSN Food & Drinks, MSN Travel, MSN Autos, and MSN Videos. But here we only discuss some main and important features of MSN Money.

MSN Money – Some Important & Main Features of MSN Money:


            MSN Money is an online center that includes information about the personal investment plan and financial information.

It is co powered by the Microsoft Network, MSN Money joins Google Finance and Yahoo Finance one of the personal premier financial portals on the website.

MSN Money Basics:

            MSN Money is always ranked at the top of personal finance sites. The main reason behind its ranking is because it includes the bulk of information about the stock market, real state, investment plan, personal finance, currency converter, taxes, small businesses, and many more.

MSN Gurus and Writers:

            MSN Money is much more than the MSN Money Central with a large amount of information about financial Statistics. MSN Money Central has many solid legal advisors which give you the best plan for investment             Jim Jubak is one of the most famous and most popular columnists on this platform.

MSN Money Powerful Investing Tools:

            MSN Investing Tools provides the best information for beginner’s investors. It also has the powerful heavy-duty research tool which gives you the information to go outside the simple investment to earnings ratios that are available on most of the sites.

MSN Money Tips for Beginners:

            MSN Money provides an Education center for beginning investors. The beginners are educating step by step through the entire process of investment. It helps new users how much should he invest at the time of opening a new account.

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