What is Zoom?

If you work from home so it must be necessary to know all about zoom because it a leading video communication software app. Zoom is an online meeting or classing tool that is specially designed for online classes or meetings.

It’s a video and audio communication and screen share consisting of a cloud platform that is reliable.

how does it work?

For attending the meeting it is not necessary to have an account on zoom. The host will be needed to connect by its account and then the students or members will need to have access to that account. For this purpose, you will just need its app or software opened. The staff will just provide their Uconnect username and password for their login.

Members and recording meeting:

To join the conversation there can be 100 participants at a time in one meeting. The meeting can also be recorded by a host or a co-host. The participants can also record it if they are allowed to do so.

Downloading the app:

You can get the Zoom app from its trusted site. you will need to go to www.zoom.us/support/download

After entering this URL into the bar top of the screen you will get a downloading page automatically your download will start.


Install it and get started to your precious meetings or classes.

It’s Extension in browser:

It can be used in an easy way. You will have to add its Extension to any browsers’ Extension just like IDM, Grammarly or any other software. By adding the extension you can easily use it without going to software or desktop application.

Zoom meetings recording on android phones:

We can get zoom mobile app for free from play.google.com. Its meetings can be recorded on mobile phones but for this purpose, you will need to get a paid membership. It offers multiple memberships like, free, pro, business, enterprise, and optional-zoom rooms.

For recording the meeting on the phone the procedure is as follows:

  1. Open your zoom mobile app
  2. Now click to start or join a meeting
  3. Click the three-dot button right of the screen
  4. Then click on the ‘’record to the cloud’’ or record
  5. You will have a record icon when it gets started.
  6. After finishing the meeting you can find the recording in ‘’ my recording’’ section of the site

Need to zoom these days:

Because of the killer virus named ‘’Coronavirus COVID, 19’’ people have been locked into their homes but they will have to do their jobs from home now this communication software is used everywhere these days.

In such situations, the companies and universities are using Zoom communication to not take a break in their work. There are many features designed to facilitate members or users without any break or tension. They can enjoy live meetings just like they are in front of each other and communicating about their work smoothly.


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